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Let your fab freak feathers fly in this upcycled, one-of-a-kind hippy glam blue jean jacket that's all about Love and Peace on Earth – and beyond!


This embellished jacket features a string of feathers that hang from a beaded leather strap on the shoulder and a peace sign with a dangling beaded string on the other arm. The back is embellished with a giant sequin mouth calling for "LOVE & PEACE," while the front features the matte sequin & flowered word "LOVE," a blinged planet and a UFO coming down to check on us earthlings.


Size Medium:
  Chest               42"
  Shoulder         16"
  Sleeve              23.5"
  Center Back  20.5"

Not your size? We can create a similar design fit for you!

Love & Peace Jacket

  • We recommend spot cleaning when possible. To clean the full piece, we recommend taking it to the dry cleaner. 

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